Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip to MDAQMD

The kids are learning about air today

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Sign twirlers crack me up. This guy was dancing like no body was watching. Gotta love it when someone can find fun in their job!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hyper kids....

My two little ones have been battling allergies for a while now. I thought they were sick, so we stayed home from as many activities as possible. When the sneezing and night coughing wouldn't go away, I took them in to the dr and she said it was allergies.
So we have been doing OTC allergy meds and frequent eye rinsing (the hairy one's eyes water alot, so when he wipes he introduces bacteria to his eyes from his hands) and during the day they are pretty good. But at night they cough and it sounds like they can't breathe. I sat up one night and went from one to the other just so that I could make sure they were breathing.
Well, I wasn't completely convinced that they WEREN'T sick, so I took them in one more time. DQ is improving, but the Hairy one was not.
Again, the dr said she thinks its still allergies, and Hairy is experiencing pain from the sinus pressure. SO she gave me a prescription and I had it filled today after I got clearance from THE EXPERT.
We went to a playdate today and on the way I had it filled. I gave it when we got home, and now I have two VERY hyper children. No, we are not experiencing nausea or diarrhea, just extreme excitability.
The puppy can't wait for them to go to sleep. He is sick of riding in the stroller, being in jail, and wearing baby clothes. Such a good dog.
We will see how tomorrow goes. The Hairy one looks better already.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Something that happened last night has been bothering me...

We were at my husband's game and I was on the bleachers watching. Usually my kids will sit with me and LegoQueen will yak in my ear and bug me.
But this happened to be be an early game, so there were a lot of kids out, and one of her teammates happened to be there, so she asked if they could go playon one of the fields behind us.
No problem, I can turn around and watch them if I wanted to, and I told the older girl, "If you lose my daughter, you will be in sooo much trouble." and we laughed and all was well.

Well, near the end of the game the girls all come running up to me (they had grabbed another girl to play with) and Julie (the player I had been joking with) said "Kim you need to call somebody because those girls over there started fighting with your daughter and called her a B****!
Okay, hold on, back up. I turned around and sure enough there was a group of black girls walking away and looking over their shoulders. I had the girls explain to me again, very slowly, what happened. Julie's dad came over and said, " Julie, if she comes back you sure as hell better sock her ass in the mouth."
Ah....not quite the advice I would have given, but their family is a little different from ours, lol.
What happened:
1. The girls were playing with a group of boys, a mini game of baseball.
2. The group of black girls came up and started asking why my daughter was looking at their mom funny (the girls did not see a mom anywhere)
3. When my daughter said she didn't know what they were talking about, one girl called her a b****
4. LQ told her to shut up and go away and naively thought that it was done at that point and turned away to go play
5. The other girl shoved her in the back and told her to bring it.
6. Julie jumps in and tells the girls where to go.
7. The black girls leave as soon as LQ starts running for her mom.

LegoQueen was in quite a state. She was shaking, but it wasn't fear shaking her- it was the rush of adrenaline that comes when you are put in a position where you have to defend yourself.
We sat down for a while after that, and I explained to her that those girls came over looking to fight, and when they called her a name, they expected her to cower in fear and run. But LQ didn't and stood her ground and told them to shut up and go away. Then when she turned her back, the brave coward pushed her and then backed away to see what she would do. That is what bullies do.

And yes, I do keep mentioning the fact that they were BLACK girls. Ghetto black pieces of shit who have nothing better to do that to pick on my very WHITE daughter. That bothers me intensely. I have black neighbors who are good people (the baby I sit for has a black father) so its not like I see a black person and hate them. Its hard to explain. Its a certain type of person whether they are black, brown, asian, or white.

I have to admit, I have a little ghetto in me. If those girls had not been walking away I would be sitting in jail for assault on a minor or something. I would have gone over there and there is no telling how brave they would be at that point. One of Hongo's friends would have to take my case and defend me, lol! But yesterday I had to be a mom first, and be calm and patient to hear the entire story. By that time the girls were long gone over at the basketball courts.

LQ said last night "I'm Mexican, I have Mexican in me!" and Hongo told her "If you were really Mexican, that girl would have a broken nose and some hair missing."
LOL, so true.

I am very thankful that Julie was with her and didn't leave my daughter behind. Last year Julie would torment my daughter every game and every practice. They have grown up a little and I think Julie realizes that LQ is just a regular kid who has her own issues, just like she does. Julie deals with bullying at her school, and the fact that my friend's daughter doesn't like her and tries to steer other people on the team to not like her either. She is a very insulated child, which is so sad for a 13 year old to be like that.

I told LQ that bullying doesn't always occur when you are kids. Adults do it too. I don't think there ever comes a time in your life when it DOESN'T happen. and bullying doesn't always have to be someone trying to pick a fist fight. It can be verbal, emotional, etc.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


We confirmed that DQ has conjuctivitis in both eyes. This am she woke up screaming because her eyes were dried shut. As I was cleaning her eyes I asked her why she HAD to open them at 615. Couldn't she wait until 8 or something? I guess humor is not high on the list that early in the morning. :)
So she got cleaned up and went back to sleep. Now my son is up and moving around, so I guess sleeping for me is over :( maybe I can convince him to play with my phone while I doze....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The eyes

We just aren't having a good week. I am currently sitting at Urgent Care with DQ. Both of her eyes swelled up an are now puffy and red with discharge leaking out. I had an appointment for 1st thing tomorrow, but I don't think this can wait. Its moving too fast.